• ISSN: 2155-7993
  • Journal of Modern Education Review

The Hidden Curriculum and the Teaching Commission

Marcos de Oliveira Gonçalves Toledo, François Silva Ramos

(1. Universidade de Uberaba, Brazil; 2. Universidade Presidente Antônio Carlos, Brazil)

Abstract: The present work aims at the expression of the term simultaneous curriculum the expression of its types and the conceptualization of each of them, with the main focus of the negotiations and approaches of the hidden curriculum, aiming at understanding its relevance within the entire school community and how it is developed. Thus, it indicates aspects of the construction of the identity and subjectivity of the being as well as the responsibility of the teacher in the daily attitudes that he develops within school institutions, either by the real, formal or — mainly — hidden curriculum. It also seeks to promote an understanding of the seriousness of the attitudes that teachers unconsciously have and what reflexes such attitudes can provide in students, reaching the conclusion that effective learning is far beyond official laws and guidelines. For its realization, the bibliographic research method was used, based on renowned authors who support their research on the theme in question.

Key words: resume, hidden resume, teaching

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