• ISSN: 2155-7993
  • Journal of Modern Education Review

Alternative and Authentic Evaluation: (De)build the (Un)enchanted World of Evaluation in Pre-School Education

Beatriz Gomes, Miguel Oliveira

(Escola Superior de Educação e CiênciasSociais, Politécnico de Leiria (ESECS-PL), Portugal)

Abstract: It’s essencial to (de)construct the (de)enchanted world of assessment! This investigation essay pretends to study the implementation of an alternative and authentic assessment in preschool education.We will try to find answers to the following objectives: to deepen the assessment concepts and also alternative and authentic assessment; to understand how to build a portfolio in preschool education; to identify and to learn different assessment tools;to learn how to implement an authentic & alternative assessment resorting to the portfolio; to consider an alternative and authentic assessment practice, experienced in a Preschool education context. We are dealing with a qualitative essay of a schooling portfolio build up in a research action with a child’s and family interaction. The collected data was transcribed and subjected to content analysis, namely interviews. It was also done a documental analysis to the built a portfolio. Although the investigation is not yet concluded. We understand that the proposed assessment in the theory of reference doesn’t match what really is applicable in the context we know. We also found that the portfolio reviews the development and learning of the child’s evolution, in different domains, in an authentic and systematic way. The educator reflects, questions and rebuilds his educational action.

Key words: preschool education, assessment, alternative and authentic assessment, portfolio

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