• ISSN: 2155-7993
  • Journal of Modern Education Review

Educational Researcher’s Professional Practices in Postgraduate Level

María Dolores García Perea

(Instituto Superior de Ciencias de la Educación del Estado de México)

Abstract: Within the hierarchy of the Mexican educational system, researchers have an important role because of the actions developed by them inside and outside the institutions in which they are entitled to work. Among those actions we can address knowledge-building, the development of human capital, the creation of cultural companies, and the dissemination of knowledge built both through research and guidelines for educational models.
Professional practices are complex because they require a series of conditions, processes, stages, circumstances, will, among other aspects, to achieve the expected results. Due to present times, researcher internships have increased their quantity, actions, participants, financial aid, and such unthinkable conditions that researchers must consider for developing such practices daily.

Key words: educational researcher, professional practices

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