• ISSN: 2155-7993
  • Journal of Modern Education Review

Graphic Cognitive Study on the Implementation of Traditional Dyeing Process

Shyh-Bao Chiang, Chia-Chen Ling

(Department of Visual Communication Design, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan)

Abstract: Nowadays, teachers generally instruct through teaching aids, such as text, image, or video in the education field. Relevant research shows that in human vision, graphics are easier to understand and remember than words. Therefore, by using the two media of text and picture, the content can visualize through an information graphic, which makes it easier for learners to read and understand, to increase the learning effect. This research used plant dyeing teaching in the traditional dyeing process as the theme. It aimed to explore the auxiliary results of the “text and picture instructions” applied to teaching courses. The purpose was to understand what kind of media characteristics students had a better understanding of and reduce the time of self exploration in the operation process. This research adopted “experimentation” and “participant observation” two research methods. Through literature review and conducting experimental sample design, the study devised five kinds of instructions for different situations to perform in the pre-test. Then I received the test data of eight subjects when they manipulated these five distinct types of instruction. The outcomes indicate that short operation time does not mean high accuracy. According to the results, it is easier for the subjects to understand “text instruction”. This finding also reveals that the form of picture instruction has no clear advantage in the cognitive process of the viewer, which is also slightly different from the relevant literature. However, the result can use as a reference for the follow-up experiments, and it expects that it will help students obtain the optimal media characteristics of instruction in the course learning.

Key words: teaching aids, cognition of text and picture, media characteristics, dyeing teaching

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