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  • Journal of Business and Economics

Survival Strategies in Relation to the Social Representations

of Global Supply and Demand

Marcelo Di Grillo 

(Universidad de la Defensa Nacional, Argentina)

Abstract: People are governed by social representations (Moscovici, Jodelet) that express their survival and economic and social growth strategies both personally, family and social structure.

The hypothesis is that people reflect them from implicit theories about the equations of global supply and demand.

The empirical social indicators’s battery (Stone, Richard) can be specified in continuous polar-preferences that express the implicit equation in each subject about economic life: sector of productive activity; role of the State; degree of opening of the structure itself; options on consumption, savings or investment; opinion on income distribution; ideas about the equation of public spending.

These latent preferences manifest sociological dimensions such as choices about urban rural, paternalism, closure, temporality, work, social solidarity, sociocultural currents. Everything allows us to see the background strategie’s representations (Abric).

Inequations as indicators of ideological conflict deserve special attention. The paper provides for specification into few dominant models without claiming to perform a measurement.

Key words: economic sociology; lifestyle; social indicators; global supply and demand; economic ideology

JEL codes: D110, D130, D140

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