• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics

Governance and Observatories as Public Policy Designers

Beatriz Martínez Carreño

(Department of Economics, Benemérita Universidad Autonóma de Puebla, Mexico)

Abstract: This document is the beginning of an investigation that aims to develop a tool that provides an evaluation of the information generated by specialized institutions in order to give a diagnosis and analysis. By doing so, the information with which government decisions are made would be properly assessed. Through a social economic observatory, we believe that transdisciplinary studies that affect knowledge generation regarding social and economic events would be possible, taking into account the territory and thus, improving the decision-making processes. Therefore, it is intended to develop a matrix that allows specific multidimensional analyzes to be carried out in the State of Puebla, its Municipality and its Metropolitan Areas. This investigation will make an approach to the theoretical bases and a meticulous review of the methodologies and indicators presented by the aforementioned institutions.

Key words: governance; observatory; public policies

JEL codes: H

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