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Relationships Between the School of Economics Faculty of the Universidad Nacional De La Patagonia San Juan Bosco and Alumni

López Silvia, Ramirez Celeste, Domínguez Carlos, Casado Norma, Blanchod Patricia, Trifaró Nora 

(School of Economics, Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia San Juan Bosco, Portugal)

       Abstract: The present paper developed from an analysis done in the research project “Actors and Factors in the microenvironment of the Esquel delegation, at the School of Economy Faculty of the Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia San Juan Bosco.

The microenvironment formed by the surrounding forces that affect the capacity of the organization, recognizes “the market”, among its actors, which is composed of real and potential product consumers.  Applying this theory to the educational environment in this institution and considering as products the undergradute, graduate and post-graduate alumni, gradutes are recognized as one of the main groups of actors in the microenvironment.

If we were to analyse bond degrees from Marketing, we think that we are living in a symbolic world, rather than physical, with perceptions and sensations, supported by our subconscious. Many thinkers have written about the existence of psychological forces which escape objectivity and reality about the way of thinking and the way of perceiving things. The latter has to do with life and the relationship with institutions and products.

If graduates, as social actors of importance to the microenvironment of the faculty, encounter needs and therefore lack of assistance, this situation has to be analyzed and assessed in order to act in accordance, offering a meaningful service so as to match those needs.

Key words: marketing; university education; social representations; information

JEL codes: I2, M31

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