• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics

Casa Andina Hotels

Remy Michael Balarezo, Paul Corcuera, Mariela García 

(Universidad de Piura, Peru)

Abstract: Casa Andina, a Peruvian hotel chain had shown a huge growth during the last 15 years and had become an important player in the hotel industry. Juancho Stoessel, its CEO, who founded the firm in 2003, had seen how his dream came true. At present, he changed its hotel brand and introduced a new model to operate new hotels from now on. Despite doing a good job, Juancho and his executive team had a feeling there was something missing in its strategy.

In that sense, the firm developed different type of environmental and social practices but they had not been inserted in the business strategy. It was a great opportunity for the firm to put into value these actions. Firstly, given that the firm was listed in the Lima Stock Exchange Market, it could be easy to find investors looking for sustainable firms and increase the number of hotels and locations to 2020. Secondly, these actions allowed fulfilling its firm purpose: “be the first hotel chain that invite to experiment Peru in all its ways and nuances”, especially being Peru a risky country for climate change. 

Key words: hotel industry, business strategy, corporate sustainability, social corporate responsibility, emerging economies

        JEL code: M140

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