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Higher Education Institutions and Regional Development: An Analysis of Centro Universitário Para O Desenvolvimento 

Do Alto Vale Do Itajaí’s Contribution

Yan Henrique Silveira Gomes1, Tatiane Aparecida Viega Vargas2, Márcia Fuchter1  (Fabiana Dalila Becker-Translator)

(1. Centro Universitário para o Desenvolvimento do Alto Vale do Itajaí, Brazil; 2. Universidade Regional de Blumenau, Brazil)

Abstract: The present study has analyzed Centro Universitário para o Desenvolvimento do Alto Vale do Itajaí (UNIDAVI) as a regional development propellant. Based on quantification of actions carried out by the institution it has been possible to construct, in a preliminary way, its Regional Insertion Index and to evaluate its relationship with Alto Vale development, in which a relevant and positive correlation has been found within the analysis methods. In the same way, the research has proposed to capture and interpret the organized society opinions on Centro Universitário performance based on a qualitative field research with five Associations working in the region. Four business associations have been present in the cities where UNIDAVI has a campus as well as micro-region Municipalities. Being of exploratory nature and having a great participation of bibliographical revisions, the research has pointed out that UNIDAVI has contributed to the region development since its foundation in 1946, however the vision that it has transpired for the society has been focused only on teaching. From a data survey made directly with the institution, an expressive number of activities, projects and works covering research and extension fields have been evidenced, yet the society has not recognized Centro Universitário’s activities in the mentioned fields, The study has concluded that even though several research and extension actions have been carried out, the higher education institution has been recognized only for its promotion to professional education, having the postgraduate education is an icon of its recognition when it comes to quality. 

Key words: regional development; Alto Vale do Itajaí; UNIDAVI; science and technology

JEL codes: R1

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