• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics

Illuminating the Impact of Globalization on the Development of the German Clothing Industry

Jan Peter Danz 

(Löhrerlen 119, Wuppertal, Germany)

Abstract: This dissertation deals with the influence on the ongoing structural change, caused by globalization, on the German clothing industry. After the concept of globalization has been defined and more detailed information on it has been given, it is referred to and discussed in consideration of the circumstances concerning globalization in the country of Germany.

Thus gives an introduction to the subject matter. Subsequently, a current, economic insight into the German clothing industry is given. The presentation, which is characterized by a theoretical execution, leads to the topic of globalization in the German clothing industry.

Moreover the effects of global processes in the German clothing industry are described. It is basically dealt with the questions that answer the effects of globalization on the German clothing industry.

These dissertations will be finalized by a conclusion which has been drawn on this topic as well as future perspectives will be shown in this subject area. 

Key words: globalization; clothing industry; economics

        JEL code: F

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