• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics

Human Resources and Their Influence on Hotel Performance 
in the Czech Republic

Michal Motyčka 
(Department of Spa, Gastronomy and Tourism, Faculty of Philosophy and Scienc, Silsian University in Opava, Czech Republic)

Abstract: Work performance management is a continuous process comprising goal setting, feedback and evaluation with consequent rewarding based on performance. Therefore, it can be perceived as a system of mutually interconnected activities and processes that are approached as a single whole. A questionnaire survey was carried out in 2012 to find out whether and to what extent the process of work performance management is used in the hotel industry in the Czech Republic, how the employees view the process and what possible modifications they would appreciate. The results have revealed that most hotels in the Czech Republic do not use work performance management as a continuous process. They usually evaluate their employees, nevertheless, they very often do not set goals for the next period and goal achievement does not have impact on remuneration of employees. Most employees would appreciate revenue participation, sales-motivation competitions and up-selling opportunities as a part of reward. These instruments are quite easy to implement and they are most efficient. Furthermore, together with a sophisticated system of benefits, they could ensure satisfied employees.

Key words: work performance management; reward; motivation; up-selling; revenue participation

         JEL codes: E24, J31

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