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Feasibility Study to Determine the Demand for a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Administration at Universidad de la Sierra, in Moctezuma, Sonora

Víctor Guadalupe Santiago Hernández, Martina Alcaraz Miranda, Alejandro Córdova Yánez   
(Bussines Faculty, Division of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Universidad de la Sierra, México)

Abstract: To every university, it is necessary to have and structure educational degree programs that allow their graduates to obtain better employment opportunities, which in turn will be beneficial to the area they are located, since the demand for higher education in the state is increasing and the institutions responsible for preparing quality professionals are growing.

The creation of Universidad de la Sierra, is justified by economic issues faced by many students, with legitimate and praiseworthy longings to receive higher education that allows them to improve their own life quality and their families, and that they are impeded to achieve it for not having enough economic resources to move or stay in cities where most educational institutions are located.

Given the growing need for the increase and development of the primary sector, the decision was to plan a new bachelor program, that focuses on this activity, the opening of a Bachelor in Agricultural Administration, which will enrich the academic offer at Universidad de la Sierra, can be justified in different aspects associated with the population growth of the municipality of Moctezuma, Sonora in recent years, according to INEGI and the demand for a bachelor program in the area of business, in turn it will meet the requirement of professionals in the administrative scope corresponding to the growth of economic activities in the region, it will also meet the requirement of higher education that demands administrative professional graduates.

The methodology used was the survey. This primary source was applied to the students in the fifth semester of high school located in the municipalities of Moctezuma, Cumpas, Granados, and Nacozari de García, Sonora, to obtain information used in the feasibility study.

As results, information from each survey was obtained, which is presented in figures for best comprehension, in the same way the elaboration of the study plan of the Degree in Agricultural Administration, with the purpose of establishing the content of subjects and objectives of the degree program.

Key words: feasibility study; curriculum; diversification of the educational offer

JEL codes: I

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