• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics

Ecological Seals of Quality Under the Aspect of Marketing in the German Clothing Industry

Jan Peter Danz 
(Löhrerlen 119, Wuppertal, Germany)

Abstract: The present dissertation deals in a special way with ecological seals of approval from the point of view of marketing in the German clothing industry. After the ecology factor has been classified, it is related to marketing and discussed. This provides an introduction to the subject at hand. This is followed by an insight into ecological seals of approval in the German clothing industry.

The presentation, which is characterized by a theoretical implementation, then leads to the topic of the aspect of the image.

Then strategies in marketing are shown. Fundamentally, the questions that describe the influences of the ecological seal of approval are investigated.

Finally, a conclusion regarding this topic is carried out and future prospects in this area are shown.

Key words: economics; management; German clothing industry; marketing; ecology

JEL codes: F200

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