• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics

How Local Acting Overtake/Influence Global Thinking

Haci H. Polat   
(MENDEL University)

Abstract: “The increasing globalization of business has heightened the importance of understanding national cultural influences in interorganizational relationships from both a cross-cultural and an intercultural perspective.” Although, it is inevitable that business happens in local cultures. Therefore, this paper focuses on how global thinking is overtaken or influenced by local acting. The institutionally oriented theory asks why and how local communities continue to matter for organizations in the global age. Globalization in both practice and academic circles has shifted away from understanding the effects of the factors of localisation. The following research is based on a counter approach that suggests that globalization is influenced by a homogeneity-producing process, which transfers from particularism to universalism and attempts to answer the question as to why people choose to go their separate ways instead of committing to cooperation.

Key words: local proximity; globalization; global thinking; influence

JEL codes: A10, F00, F61, F62, M16

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