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Feasibility Study to Introduce a New Product to the Market in a Restaurant Chain in Pachuca, Hidalgo

Magdalena Pacheco Rivera, María Del Carmen Gómez López, Edwin Alberto San Román Arteaga, Cresencio Jímenez Cuellar   
(Technological University of the Sierra Hidalguense, Maxico)

Abstract: The importance of economic issues in our society and the way they affect us individually and collectively, raise the need for specific training that provides the necessary keys for companies to venture into new business ideas. The present project gives an important contribution to the business perspective, since it allows the promoter of a business opportunity to carry out a detailed study that will provide with certainty its viability

For this reason the company wants to launch a new product in a restaurant chain, which has 12 branches located in Pachuca, Mexico and Queretaro. The project is based on the annual consumption of tea in the aforementioned branches, seeking to satisfy the demand of customers under the idea of providing natural alternatives and a more varied range in the tea menu.

Knowing that the success of a project is determined by the degree of feasibility presented in the operational, technical and economic points of the plan, its structure includes information to assess the business and make accurate decisions, describe the processes and logistics that the company will implement for the purchase, storage, processing, distribution, promotion, advertising, sale and delivery of Gourmet Teas to customers, defining the flow of products from the point of purchase to the point of consumption, with the purpose of establishing strategies that allow to the consumer a quality drink at a competitive cost in the market, 100% natural, made with different mixtures of dehydrated herbs.

Key words: feasibility; demand; plan; strategies; competitive advantage

JEL codes: M310

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