• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics

Attitudes of the Czech Majority Towards Minorities — Comparison of Year 2006 and 2016

Lubomír Pána, Nikola Sagapova   
(Regional Management Department, Faculty of Economics, University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic)

Abstract: Migration represents a highly discussed topic in recent EU. With the flows of migrants from African and Near East countries, the European countries face many challenges, especially in aspect to maintain stability of territory and confidence of their own citizens. The Czech Republic, although it might be seen as a transfer station on the way to the West, is increasingly becoming a terminus and this trend will probably continue. However, in the case of the Czech Republic, which is formed by relatively homogeneous population of one nation, the relation of the Czech majority towards Roma minority is not yet sufficiently solved, therefore the arrival of other minorities might not be viewed as favorable by the Czech citizens. This article aims at attitudes of the Czech majority in the South Bohemia Region towards minorities and evaluate the attitude and its development within years 2006 and 2016. Last, but not least, it also provides a suggestion to solve problems among nations.

Key words: majority; minorities; comparison

JEL codes: Z18

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