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Perspectives on Teaching: A Space for Reflection on the Sociopolitical Nature of Doing

Isabel Cristina Rincón Rodríguez, Jorge E. Chaparro Medina, José Gregorio Noroño Sánchez
Marcela Garzón Posada, Lida Neidu Murillo Moreno
(Colciencias Faculty of Economic, Administrative and Accounting Sciences, Universidad del Sinú (UNISINÚ), Colombia)

Abstract: In the exercise of teaching, teachers give account of different forms of organization: emerging, self-managed and autonomous product of conceptions that arise from training, performance and experiences where the socio-political nature of both his being and individual that integrates and makes part of social groups, as in the exercise of professional practice. Under this horizon, the aim of this work is to analyze from the social function of the teacher the sociopolitical role of their task as far as the political vision has, ability to understand social problems and generate actions for which is part of a frame of reference where the concepts that allow to develop theoretical analysis to identify the sociopolitical expression of the teaching exercise are exposed, considering that in this practice this type of content is revealed in the teachers as actors of the teaching-learning process, both in the training in their performance based on the training they receive, the historical geographical relationship and the experiences that their activity provides them with what has framed this work. It is concluded that in the exercise of teaching work are present sociopolitical categories that affect both the understanding of social phenomena and the pretense of practical actions that transform these realities from the institution-teacher-student interaction.

Key words: sociology; social transformation; pedagogy

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