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The Islamic Integrated Model for Drug Addict Treatment and Rehabilitation on Kratom Use Among Muslim Adolescents: A Case Study in Krabi Province, Thailand

Sawpheeyah Nima, Yupa Somboon   

(Health System Management Institute (HSMI), Prince of Songkla University (PSU), Hat Yai, Songkhla, Thailand)

Abstract: There are several medical drug addict treatment methods used by physicians and other health professionals worldwide. The community-based treatment and care for drug use and dependence have increased in popularity. However, little is known about whether or how Islamic spirituality model could be incorporated into formal treatment in the Muslim community. This study aimed to explore the Islamic integrated model for drug addict treatment and rehabilitation on Kratom use among Muslim adolescents in Krabi Province, Thailand. The focus group discussion and in-depth interview were carried out in chief officer, the staff of treatment service volunteers, program leaders, and families and friends of addicts during October 2017-December 2018. The results revealed that the implementation of integrated Islamic religious learning in the drug therapy session to grow the spiritual religiosity and lower relapse among Muslim youth who were previous kratom addicts. The Islamic faith-based treatment model could be declared the evidence of kratom recovery in community level.

Key words:Islamic integrated model; drug addict treatment and rehabilitation; kratom use

        JEL codes: H0

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