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Analysis of the Vegetal Cover in the Floodplain of Paranapanema River, County of Rosana, São Paulo State, Brazil: A Study for the Creation of An Ecological Corridor

Diogo Laércio Gonçalves, and Messias Modesto dos Passos

College of Science and Technology, Universidade Estadual Paulista "Júlio de Mesquita Filho", Brazil

Abstract: This article has as its aim the analysis of the vegetal cover in the area known as Varjão (large area of floodplain) of Paranapanema River, in the county of Rosana, São Paulo. The mapping of the vegetal cover stems from an interpretation key of a WorldView 2 satellite image from 2012, which is panchromatic, with spatial resolution of 0.50 m and radiometric resolution of 11 bits. The data validation was performed through phytosociological survey done in loco, in order to analyze the vertical structure of the vegetation, aiming at elucidating the importance of creating an ecological corridor at the site, under the sight of GTP system (Geosystem-Territory-Landscape) in accordance to other projects that contemplate this area.

Key words: floodplains of paranapanema river, phytosociological survey, ecological corridor

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