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  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

Conceptual Framework for Environmental Design and Management of Residential Community for Enhancing Elderly Well-Being

Porntip Ruengtam

Faculty of Architecture Urban and Creative Arts, Mahasarakham University, Thailand

Abstract: This article presents the modeling of a conceptual framework related to factors of the environmental residential community for enhancing elderly well-being in Thailand by using the Delphi technique. Research method began with observations and interviewing management teams at three case studies in terms of management processes and environment designs of existing residential community projects in Thailand. The interview results were taken to summarize with related theories and literature. A group of experts (7 people) in the related field were employed to confirm the framework. The result found factors of elderly characteristics have a positive direct effect on elderly’s requirements in a residential community. The elderly’s requirements comprised of three factors including (1) location, (2) facility, and (3) activity. Each factor of the elderly’s requirements has effects on the willingness of the elderly to join the residential community. The framework will be used for quantitative analysis and the outcome will be a policy for environmental design and management of the residential community for enhancing elderly well-being in Thailand.

Key words: elderly, environmental design, residential community, conceptual framework

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