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  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

Efficiency Actions in the 4 Water Utilities of Pátzcuaro Lake, Michoacán, México

Antúnez Leyva E.1, Rodríguez Varela J. M.1, Casados Prior J. A.1, Gómez Lugo L.1, Hansen Rodríguez M. P.1,
Blanco Ortega A.2
1. Mexican Water Technology Institute (IMTA), México

2. National Center for Technological Research and Development (CENIDET), México

Abstract: Pátzcuaro Lake, found in the state of Michoacán, is one of México’s most emblematic bodies of water, however, urbanization in this area during past decades has left it polluted and in serious need of rehabilitation. The present work describes a two-phase recovery process that was carried out within the framework of the Environmental Recovery Program for the Pátzcuaro Lake Basin (stage IV 2014-2017). It was undertaken with support from the Mexican Water Technology Institute (IMTA) and with funding from the Gonzalo Arronte River Foundation (GARF). The scope of the first phase of this work was to determine in conjunction with four coastal water utilities, the specific actions required to improve their water and drainage services so that contamination may be reduced in Pátzcuaro Lake. In the second phase, leakage reduction was implemented on the distribution/storage tanks, the IMTA arranged a collaborative agreement with the three levels of government (Federal, State and Municipal) in order to join resources and efforts for the Environmental Recovery Program of the Pátzcuaro Lake Basin. The IMTA provided the water utilities with diagnostics in the commercial area, and a plan of actions along with executive projects for potable water and drainage that include works creation, budget, implementation specifications, a works calendar, along with blueprints so that they could be integrated into the Annual Works Program (AWP) of the State Water and Basin Management Commission for the state of Michoacán (SWBC). Finally, as part of the agreement to improve commercial and physical efficiency, the IMTA provided the four water utilities with minor equipment, tools, control devices and domestic meters.

Key words: Pátzcuaro Lake, efficiency actions, water utility, rehabilitation

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