Technology and Engineering
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  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

Assessment of the Photovoltaic Potential in a Single-Family Residence in the City of São Luís–MA

Márcio José Melo Santos

Universidade Ceuma, Brazil

Abstract: Brazil is known worldwide for its energy production, since it is basically from renewable sources. The Sun, as a source of clean, free and abundant energy, makes energy systems not only contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but also a great way to save money. In the middle of this scenario photovoltaic energy has been gaining prominence mainly in the north / northeast region of the country because it is located close to the equator line, with a higher intensity of solar rays. In this way, this work has the objective of evaluating the performance of solar panels installed in the coverage of a single-family residence located in the city of São Luis-MA, thus verifying the energy potential for the region and obtaining quite significant results for this type of energy production.

Key words: energy, solar, performance

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