• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics

Green Economy and The Dimensions o f Sustainability

Alfredo Mario Baronio 
(School of Economic Sciences, National University of Rio Cuarto, Argentina)

Abstract: Green economy is a tool aiming at the development of society; prosperity without draining resources; and return on investment without neglecting the protection of the environment, long-term economic growth, social inclusion, and institutional action towards human well-being. The ecological, economic, social, and institutional dimensions demand ecosystem services, economic resources, social participation, and adaptive management to bring about a healthy and equitable environment, economic progress, prosperity and equitable social opportunity, and participatory governance contributing to well-being. This work presents a proposal for the assessment of sustainability through the acknowledgment of its multidimensional nature and the interrelations among such dimensions, with the purpose of enabling its application to different production systems based on the resilience of socioecological systems in the geographical area and temporal frame in which they are embedded.

Key words: green economy; sustainability; human well-being

         JEL codes: Q

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