• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics
Engaging Employees in the Innovation Process

Bruce D. Fischer, Holly B. Bachman 

(Department of Business and Economics, Elmhurst College, USA)

Abstract: There is a lack of broad participation in most idea generating programs in American organizations. In this paper, we consider ways to increase the participation rate in generating ideas across organizations. These approaches include measuring innovation rates and reporting them, encouraging continuous improvement in idea generation, raising participation in programs such as Business Process Reengineering and Quality Circles, and training in creativity that includes team efforts at ideation. We also consider the importance of encouragement in helping employees to take the risks necessary to generate ideas.
Key words: idea generating programs; innovation; measurement of ideas; job descriptions; continuous
improvement; business process reengineering
JEL codes: L20, M10, O32

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