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The Webmosphirics Effects on Shopping Behavior: The Influences of Web  

Page Color Displays on Online Impulse Purchasing Intention

Chih-Huang Lin1, Ting-Yu Liu2 
(1. Department of Marketing, College of Business, Feng Chia University, Taiwan;

2. Department of Marketing, School of Management, University of Bath, UK)

Abstract: It is interesting to note that even though the studies of atmospheric effects in physical stores have
been abundant, knowledge of ambient factor effects in the online retailing context has been limited. This study
investigates the influence of webmospheric effect, web page color displays on respondents’ emotional reactions
and subsequent online impulse buying intention. A Stimulus-Organism-Responses (S-O-R) model was used as the
basic framework and a laboratory experiment was conducted to test the hypotheses in this study.
The results demonstrated that web page color displays had a significant effect on participants’ emotional
response, eventually influencing their intention to purchase impulsively online. Specifically, respondents felt more
aroused and experienced greater pleasure when they were exposed to chromatic web page displays than
achromatic one. Additionally, both pleasure and arousal emotions played an intervening role between web page
color displays and online impulse purchasing intention. Personality traits and product involvement were proved to
moderate the relationship between atmospheric cues and impulse shopping intention. These findings suggest that
the website design with effective web page color displays would create a desirable environment and thus prompt
consumers to buy impulsively. Finally, research implications of the model and proposition are presented.
Key words: webmospheric effect; Stimulus-Organism-Responses model; web page display, product

involvement, purchase intention

JEL codes: M3

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