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  • Journal of Business and Economics
Success Factors and Boundary Conditions for Technology Parks in the

Light of the Triple Helix Model

Adriana Ferreira de Faria1, Juliane de Almeida Ribeiro2, Marcelo Gonçalves do Amaral3,4,
Jaqueline Akemi Suzuki Sedyama1 
(1. Department of Production and Mechanical Engineering (DEP), Federal University of Viçosa, Brazil;
2. Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Minas Gerais, Campus Ouro Branco, Brazil;

3. Triple Helix Research Group, Brazil; 4. Fluminense Federal University, Brazil)

Abstract: The innovation environments known as technology parks represent a worldwide phenomenon as agents of promotion of scientific and technological development and consequently of economic and social development. Despite different typologies, legal models and governance, there is a consensus in the literature and with managers that the first and noblest function of a technology park is to induce economic development, through technological innovation achieved through the interaction between companies and knowledge-generating institutions. It is also known the complexity of the management and operation of a technology park, involving several stakeholders with different interests and objectives and requiring high financial investments. Given this framework, the question is how to establish technology parks so that these are successful enterprises and development promoters? In this context, this work aimed to present a conceptual model on the management of technology parks that considers the relationships of the concepts of the Triple Helix with the main factors of success and boundary conditions that can influence its performance. It was a methodological approach understood by the theoretical framework and case study. The analysis of critical success factors and boundary conditions is
related as prerequisites or parameters for the viability of these environments. The case study was conducted at the Centennial Campus, University Research Park of North Carolina State University (NC State), one of the most prominent science parks in the United States.
Key words: triple helix model; technology parks; boundary conditions
JEL codes: O

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