• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics
Competences on Culture of Peace and Human Security

Gabriela Areli Cruz Sotelo 

(Universidad de Ixtlahuaca, México)

Abstract: Human security is related to the culture of peace to a personal level because the individual has to work on himself, has to know his rights, being empowered by them, overcoming adversity and demand respect from authorities to his human dignity. The methodology is mixed, by means of interviews to human security experts, culture of peace experts, police officers. Quantitatively there is a survey applied to 208 law students from the University of Ixtlahuaca, to know their concept of peace and human security, some of the most important conclusions are: social participation through social networking sites, educational institutions at all levels for their important function on reinforcing values, generating the competences on culture of peace, resilience, empowering, solidarity and conflict resolution.
Key words: peace; human security
JEL codes: I, I2

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