• ISSN: 2155-7993
  • Journal of Modern Education Review

The Teaching View on Children: Implications in Affective Relationships
and the Self-evaluation Process

Sanches Maria Cecilia
(Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil)

Abstract: This study aims to analyze how teachers see children and the affective relations with them in the classroom, through their own expressions. Moreover, aims to analyze how teachers understand the role of conflict for the child’s education in Kindergarten and Elementary School and how they provide information for the review of their assessment practices. The methodological approach was based on semi-structured interviews, which had as main theoretical framework — to support the categories of analysis, reflections and conclusions — the psychogenic theory of Henri Wallon. The guiding hypothesis is that in Elementary School affective relationships are increasingly avoided by the educators, in an effort to promote the cognitive development of children, while in Kindergarten, because of the strong presence of caring, affection manifests mode apparent. This assumption has not been confirmed. With regard to evaluation, the work is guided by the Regulatory Guideline nº 1/2014 — Evaluation in Early Childhood Education, the Department of the city of São Paulo Education.
Key words: childhood, affective relationships, self-assessment

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