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  • Modern Environmental Science and Engineering

Systematized Methodology for Research and Development Projects in the Brazilian Electricity Sector

A. A. F. Leite1, V. P. Santos1, H. H. Silva1, D. A. J. Lopes1, L. B. F. Leite1, J. C. Mendes2, L. P. A. Pinheiro2, and
H. N. S. Cardoso2
1. Cenergel Consultoria em Sistemas Energéticos, Brazil

2. Equatorial Energia, Brazil

Abstract: The Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (ANEEL) sanctioned the Law number 9,991 in July 24, 2000 to increase technological innovations in this sector. This law foresees the use of company’s Net Operating Revenue to make R&D. In this paper we present the ANEEL’s R&D Program legal base, and a systematized methodology proposed to reduce the number of disallowances. We show the whole ANEEL program, its elaboration format, the innovation chain phases and emphasis on project evaluation criteria. This has been the biggest problem faced by sector’s companies, which suffer from the high disapproval of invested resources, i.e., investments that are not considered as R&D resources, but as company expense and, consequently, as a loss to shareholders. We propose a reformulation of the R&D project evaluation process, based on the evaluation methodology more adequate to the objectives of the program since the process is not currently standardized.

Key words: execution of projects, investments, methodology, regulate, research and development and technological innovations

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