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Analysis of Information Security in a Framework for the Development of Volunteered Geographic Information

Sivoney Pinto Dias¹, Fábio de Oliveira Sales², and Helder Guimarães Aragão³
1. Uniasselvi University, Brazil
2. Ruy Barbosa University, Brazil

3. Centro Universitario Estacio da Bahia University, Brazil

Abstract: Volunteered Geographic Information includes collaborative features that involve spatial or geographic data to Web systems. This type of voluntary contribution has grown significantly in recent years. Due to the growing demand for Web systems with VGI, some frameworks were developed with the aim of facilitating the implementation of this type of system. A key feature that these frameworks should have in their implementation is information security. In this context, the present paper aims to evaluate the information security level of one of these frameworks available for the implementation of Web systems with VGI. The framework evaluated was the ClickOnMap. We did this evaluation in stages and with specific information security tools. At the end of this paper, the results of this evaluation are presented.

Key words: ClickOnMap, OWASP, VGI

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