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  • Journal of Modern Education Review

The Role of Optimism and Spirituality in Individuals
with Tinnitus Complaints

Vasco de Oliveira1, Rute Meneses2, Nuno Trigueiros3
(1. ENT Department, Hospital das For├žas Armadas, Porto & Audiology Department Health School Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal
2. Human and Social Sciences School, University Fernando Pessoa, Portugal; 3. ENT Department ULS Matosinhos, Portugal)

Abstract: Optimism and spirituality are related to a positive and dynamic perspective, which can lead the individual to face his problem more constructively, using coping strategies to address this problem more effectively, better managing stress and negative life events associated with it. More optimistic individuals deal better with tinnitus, and that optimism is a predictor of QoL in individuals with tinnitus. Spirituality is an important dimension in QoL, in its relation to health and illness, however, no studies have been found regarding its presence in tinnitus problems. The objectives of the study are characterizing the optimism and spirituality of individuals with tinnitus and explore their relationship with some sociodemographic and clinical variables. From the results, we verified that 12.3% of the individuals in the sample (N = 57) had mean values below the cut-off point for optimism scale (LOT-r), and no statistically significant relationships were found the variables studied. For spirituality, 27.6% of individuals (N = 58) are below the cut-off point for the scale. Relationships between spirituality and age were found, with older individuals having higher values on the scale. There was also a correlation between spirituality and schooling, individuals with higher values of spirituality had lower levels of schooling. These indicators strengthen the perception that spirituality will be an important aspect to explore in therapeutic intervention, which is reinforced by the fact that there is a considerable percentage of individuals who perceive their spirituality as low. Optimism, not presenting values that replicate those found in the literature, should also be considered in a therapeutic intervention for this type of individuals.
Key words: Lot-r, optimism, spirituality, tinnitus

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