• ISSN: 2155-7993
  • Journal of Modern Education Review

Remediation in EFL Challenging Context

Sultan Saleh Ahmed Almekhlafy
(Department of English, Najran University, Saudi Arabia)

Abstract: It is a known fact that English Language Education (ELE) in educationally backward countries is based on approaches and theories from outside the context. These approaches cannot solve their problems, which are local, specific and need to be solved through indigenously developed approaches and methods. Quick Rising Activity (QRA) is an example of indigenous solutions that best suit classless context because these activities raise the students’ writing skills in a very short period. This paper presents how these activities are designed and administered. The study starts with the a critical review related to the need for indigenous solutions to remedy the context, with reference to teaching and learning English in difficult circumstances, low-proficiency and classlessness. A field survey follows with using various methods/instruments for data collection. Based on the results of the two surveys, the activities are designed and tried out with a group of volunteering students in Najran University 2017. The results show the students, who lack the basics of writing and have wrong learning strategies, overcome these problems through the remedial activities designed.
Key words: remediation, classlessness, indigenous approaches, English language education, low-proficient

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