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  • Journal of Modern Education Review

How to Improve Understanding Using 3D Objects in
Ebooks and Augmented Reality

Rocio Ruiz Rodarte
(Departamento de Diseño Industrial Escuela de Arquitectura, Arte y Diseño Región Ciudad de México, Tecnológico de Monterrey,
Campus Estado de México, Mexico)

Abstract: The development of educational materials for computer equipment and mobile devices, uses only a small fraction of the graphic possibilities that these devices allow today. Sometimes, they are digital or online versions of the same documents we used to teach with. This paper describes work in progress about two educational materials for undergraduate students in which we use rotatable three-dimensional elements embedded in digital documents taking effectively advantage of the graphics capabilities of mobile devices. These elements are 3D models that have been incorporated into e-books to explain abstract concepts in subjects such as Physics and Descriptive Geometry. With them, we have verified that students understand almost instantly what the two-dimensional drawings stand for and what the projections represent in the planes corresponding to the view (top, front or lateral) of an object. The material described has also been highly appreciated by teachers of these two subjects. The difficulty that students have to imagine the volume represented in the two-dimensional drawings is due to the fact that they have not yet fully acquired the cognitive structures of spatial thinking. In response to this circumstance, it was proposed the possibility of having three-dimensional objects that could be rotated within the didactic material. The procedure developed for this project, allows the same 3D object file inserted into the eBook, to be uploaded to an augmented reality app to be displayed on a printed companion material. This advantage allowed us to develop two useful and attractive educational materials with the same work effort.
Key words: eBook, 3D, digital objects, augmented reality

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