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  • Journal of Modern Education Review

Education, Ethics and Health: Learning to Care from the Optics of
Oncological Patients

Eliane S. F. Almeida1,2, Mariana G. Ramos1, Maria da Conceição F. G. C. Azevedo1
(1. Department of Education and Psychology, Trás-Os-Montes e Alto Douro University, Portugal;
2. Faculty of Human, Social and Health Sciences, University FUMEC, Brazil)

Abstract: The present study is part of an educational sciences PhD program and aims to evaluate the educational process that can result from the suffering process experienced by oncological patients. The main purposes of the study are: build up in the oncological patients the capacity to acquire knowledge due to their suffering experience related to the disease; and be able to transfer the obtained knowledge to formal and informal caregivers. We found that patients do not always know their ability to manage their difficulties about the disease and its real care needs, a situation which results in a lack of knowledge on the part of formal caregivers, about the experience that patients have of their disease, with order consequences technical and ethical. In this paper, the salutogenic perspective Antonovsky; and the ethics of care in the health context are the theoretical assumptions. We consider that each oncological patient has an educator status, as he/she can teach and is, more over, the one who can teach not only the possible direction of the disease, but the specifics of the illness; these specifics as the possible direction of the disease, are inextricably linked to what Antonovsky appointed as internal sense of coherence, for which evaluation he built the SOC questionnaire. For their turn, the ethics of care, according to Kemp and Rendtorff, defines four ethical principles in the context of health and medical research: autonomy, dignity, integrity and vulnerability. These principles are inseparable and must be understood in a general framework of solidarity and responsibility.
Key words: education, health, SOC, oncological patients

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