• ISSN: 2155-7993
  • Journal of Modern Education Review

The School Lag of Students in Poverty

Celia Carrera Hernández, Josefina Madrigal Luna, Yolanda Isaura Lara García
(University Pedagogical National of the State of Chihuahua, Mexico)

Abstract: Economic reforms neglected the development of social groups, generated unemployment, poverty and migration (Katzman, 2000), a situation that makes Mexican families vulnerable and influences student learning. Therefore, the purpose is to demonstrate the influence of the context in which the student develops with the learning achieved. 150 students with academic lag participated as inclusion criteria. The research was non-experimental, descriptive-correlational, with cross-sectional design. The structured interview with socio-family data, an observation guide in the classroom and a test of proficiency in Spanish and mathematics were used. It was found that 96% of the students live in poverty, the parents work long hours with low salaries. 36% of teachers do not respond adequately to the affective, social and cognitive demands of these students and 85% reported isolation or aggressiveness in the classroom. The variable context presented positive correlation with the variable cognitive domain in Spanish and mathematics since 95% of the students presented low or very low level. What indicates that the context determines the academic performance, that it is necessary to rethink the curriculum and analyze the challenges faced by teachers, parents and students.
Key words: vulnerability, academic backwardness, teachers, learning

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