• ISSN: 2155-7993
  • Journal of Modern Education Review

Visitors’ Interests for the Croatian Natural History Museum Publications
— Analysis of Visitors’ Attitudes on Museum Publications

Renata Brezinščak
(Croatian Natural History Museum, Croatia)

Abstract: Museums, among others, are known for its publishing content. Croatian Natural History Museum has diverse publishing activities, but the interest in it is poor. Although intended for pupils, students and the general public, it is interesting that these categories show the slightest interest for it. Today, museums are trying to keep visitors longer in their location by offering them new contents, such as special areas where they can see, read and buy museum publications, or book-promotions, meetings with authors, presentations, organization of attractive sales points, sales action, etc. All these activities are characterized by a high level of organization and involvement of visitors in the museum events, which represents a novelty in the standard museum offer. The aim of research is to find out about the visitor's views on the museum’s publications. This research was conducted and based on a survey of the museum visitors, during weekends and in the course of two months. The results provide basic indicators in line what the visitors think of these publications and is shown the need for a more comprehensive research project on this topic.
Key words: museum, museum publishing, museum visitors, survey

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