• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics
Development Target and Realization Path of Big Data

Industry in Jiangxi Province

Qu Si1,2, Li fen3
(1. Jiangxi Institute of Economic Administrators, China;
2. Jiangxi E-Commerce and Industrial Upgrading & Collaborative Innovation Center, China;

3. JiangXi Technical College of Manufacturing, China)

Abstract: With the integration of information technology and economic society, big data has become a strategic resource in the information age. Therefore, the transformation and application results of the key technology of big data not only stimulate a new round of revolution of information technology but also evoke people to re-examine the social life style. It is the key to integration with regional economic development that how to discover, process and apply appropriately the valuable information in big data as there is some useless data and available data in mass big data. This paper analyzed the development target and realization path of big data industry in Jiangxi province.

Key words: big data; development target; realization path
JEL codes: C

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