• ISSN: 2155-7993
  • Journal of Modern Education Review

Open Your Lesson Gateways: Ways of Thinking and Teaching
within the Discipline

Hany Zaky
(College of Education, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA)

Abstract: Transformational learning occurs gradually with the power of learners’ experience and changes the way people discover themselves and increase their capacities. This article provides an overview of the threshold concept and its application to classroom practices in adult education. To that end, it describes the basic feature of threshold concept along with its major forms of variations. It then elucidates the threshold concept view of learning, teaching, and the relationship between the concept and the development enquiry. More specifically, the article explains the assumptions and the principles of the threshold concept theory, expounding upon the tools teachers can handle to create the learner’s paradigm shift to master the discussed subject matter.
Key words: transformational learning, threshold concept, learner’s paradigm shift, development enquiry

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