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Strategic Planning in the Development of Tourism in the Republic of Kosovo

Fatbardha Jashari1,2
(1. University "St. Kliment Ohridski", the Republic of Macedonia; 2. Business College, Pristina)

Abstract: Tourism can be seen as a set of connections and phenomena arising as a result of temporary movements and lodgings of people traveling, mainly for leisure and recreational purposes. Traveling and lodgings in host countries, typically for tourism, which can be provided by the tourist industry companies dictate the demand for various services. Unlike other forms of leisure, tourism sees these tours, lodgings and holidays not only in terms of meeting tourist demands but also in terms of economy and trade. Seeing the great importance of tourism, trends of development of this sector in the region, Europe and beyond, tourist values that Kosovo, as well as the importance of management of these tourist values, I tried to contribute a little bit in this field and looking forward that in the future these materials will be complemented with new data and research with regard to tourism management. For exploration and study purposes, the Republic of Kosovo is a large tourism market. The great importance of these tourist values and their management, in recent years, has drawn the attention and raised a great deal of interest in exploration, preservation and promotion of these tourism values. Tourism management in Kosovo is developing, not enough investments, it is required that municipal institutions show more commitment and more investment in order to preserve and develop sustainably these tourist values and manage them. In this assignment I will present tourist resources and potentials as well as advance best practices in tourism management through contemporary identification and tourism management. Kosovo is going through a rapid transition phase. In this regard, the future holds great promise in advancing values in the field of tourism management and its sustainable development, and also very soon we will have
greater institutional interest and treatment.

Key words: management; Kosovo; tourism
JEL codes: Z3

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