• ISSN: 2155-7993
  • Journal of Modern Education Review

Successive and Constructive Design Education as Source of Sustainable
Creativity: Gap between Preschool and Undergraduate Design Education

Meryem Yalcin, A. Müge Bozdayi
(TOBB Economy and Technology, Turkey)

Abstract: In a society characterized by uncertainty and rapid change, the ability of think creatively is becoming the key of success and satisfaction, both professionally and personally (Florida, 2002). For today’s student, nothing is more important than learning to think creatively — learning to come up with innovative solutions to the unexpected situations that will continually arise in their lives (Sawyer, 2002). Design education handled both pedagogically and professionally by designers for a perceptual, critical and analytic point of view starting from the kindergarten constructing progressively up on till the undergraduate education. The literature suggests that design students should learn by experiencing, reflecting, thinking and doing in the process of finding solutions to the assigned design problems not only in the preschool education but also in students’ entire academic life covering undergraduate education. This study’s argument is; design education should be successive and constructive put top of each other. Correspondingly, another offer is a sample of survey done as a demonstration of the significance and role of continues design education from kindergarten to undergraduate.
Key words: design, education, successive, constructive, creativity

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