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Using Concept Mapping Through Problem-Based Learning to Facilitate
Lifelong Knowledge of Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Diseases: Case
University of Algiers

Nasser Drareni
(University of Blida 02 Ali Lounici, Algeria)

Abstract: This study explored the use of concept mapping through (PBL) process to facilitate lifelong knowledge risk factors for cardiovascular diseases (RF for CVD) study, and sought to analyze whether these methods could improve undergraduate learners’ risk factors for cardiovascular diseases lifelong knowledge skills. Learners learn how to learn, how to ask the right questions to arrive at solutions. There were (40) undergraduate medical learners who were randomly selected and assigned to two groups, the group 1 (n = 20) and the group 2 (n= 20). In the Group (1) was taught to use concept mapping through (PBL) process to learn (RF for CVD) using Framingham risk score (FRS) tool, while the group (2) was taught by traditional methods. After the training, all of the learners were assessed by having a RF for CVD using FRS tool diagnostic test. Majority of learners who using concept mapping (CM) through (PBL) process in the group (1) appeared to be more proficient in the use and organization of relevant information do attain new concepts in constructing knowledge and moving toward better conclusions. Learners in the group (1) using concept mapping (CM) through (PBL) process were significantly more satisfied with the decision-making process. Furthermore, learners indicated a positive attitude to (CM) and (PBL), and perceived them as a resource for lifelong knowledge skills learning of (RF for CVD) using FRS tool. Concept mapping through (PBL) process of risk factors for cardiovascular diseases (RF for CVD) helps to facilitate meaningful learning within the course in risk factors for (CVD) and the majority of learners (90%) utilized it beyond the course. According to qualitative analysis, majority of learners accepted concept mapping through (PBL) process as a helpful tool for learning (RF for CVD) using FRS tool.
Key words: concept maps, problem-based learning, framingham risk score

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