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  • Journal of Business and Economics
Proposal of Maintenance-types Classification to Clarify Maintenance
Concepts in Production and Operations Management

Flavio Trojan1, Rui F. M. Marçal2

(1. Department of Electronics, Federal University of Technology-Parana (UFPR), Brazil;
2. Department of Production Engineering, Pontifical Catholic University of Parana (PUC-PR), Brazil)

Abstract: Due the fact that there are a wide terminologies to define types of maintenance, this paper discuss the some traditional classifications highlighted in the literature and presents a proposal for sorting types of maintenance on the most appropriate terminology, taking into account criteria as: criticality, intervention modes, planning actions, costs and available resources. The proposed methodology evaluated maintenance concepts by multi-criteria analysis and realized a sorting using the ELECTRE TRI outranking method. Initially the main concepts about terminologies for types of maintenance were explored in order to organize classes for terminologies sorting. In sequence were defined thresholds for the classes, identifying the borders in what each type could be allocated. Finally an experiment with a numerical application was built, considering the terminologies adopted by some authors of the maintenance management area. The results obtained indicate a pattern scientifically organized for these concepts, supported by multi-criteria analysis. This approach contributes significantly to clarify maintenance concepts linked to Production and Operations Management.

Key words: multi-criteria analysis; maintenance types; maintenance concepts

JEL codes: L20

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