• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics
Promoting the Role of Vietnamese Intelligentsia in International
Integration Process

Nguyen Van Tuan1, Doan Nam Chung2

(1. People’s Security Academy, Vietnam; 2. Electric Power University, Vietnam)

Abstract: The intelligentsia is always seen as the force represents wisdom, the spirit of the nation in every stage, the period of the country. More than 30 years of implementation of renovation and international integration since 1986, Vietnam’s intelligentsia has made important contributions to the development process of the country on all fields as economic, political, cultural-social. Thus, in this article, the author deeply analyze the impact factors and assesses the status of the role of Vietnamese intellectual in recent years, from which proposed some basic solutions that promote the further role of Vietnam’s intelligentsia in the international integration process.

Key words: international integration; role; intelligentsia; Vietnam

JEL code: I25

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