• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics
Cultural Policy from the Perspective of Support for the Arts: The

Experience of the Czech and Slovak Republics

Pavla Petrová

(Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Art Management, University of Economics, Czech Republic)

Abstract: In 1993 the newly democratic Republic of Czechoslovakia separated into two autonomous states. The two new countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, shared the same cultural-political history and traditions and similar infrastructure for the arts. Over the past two decades that initial starting point has transformed into two distinct cultural policies. In my paper I seek to identify the changes in the area of state support for the arts in the two countries and to map the current situation relating to funding in the field since 2008. In the period since then substantial cuts were made in the public budgets in both countries and these cuts primarily impacted the arts. In response to this, arts organizations have had to cope with decreasing financial support from the state on the one hand and to adapt to the rapidly changing environment of new technologies and new ways of working with and involving the public on the other.

Keywords: the arts; non-profit sector; funding; crowdfunding; Czech Republic; Slovak Republic

JEL code: Z1

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