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  • Journal of Business and Economics

Indigenous Women and Learning Experiences about Creative Economies

Related with the Sustainable Development in Angahuan Mexico

Albero Farías Ochoa
(Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, Mexico)
Abstract: This paper presents some of the experiences, as lessons learned, of research on sustainable development in the indigenous Purepecha village of Angahuan. This work has occurred during the last five years, which involved working with a group of young women focused on the development of the creative economy in the village. As matter of fact, sustainable development is a priority in Mexican indigenous community agendas, and several examples have been practiced in a creative way in order to go forward to achieve their own goals. The creative economy in the Angahuan town is mainly gastronomy and crafts and folk arts, which are mostly done by the women of the village. The gastronomy practiced in the area has been recognized as intangible world heritage by UNESCO, and the crafts represent most of the income for village families. This explains the main achievements of working on the creative economy issues among indigenous young people through the community of learning and practice method. We also want to highlight the advantages of the communitarian media as an incentive for learning among peers. In order to make the community of practice attractive for the village youth, the project was supported by the communitarian radio station of the village, and in this way, the participants could incorporate the radio station as a teaching-learning tool among peers.
Key words: creative economies; communitarian media; indigenous community; women empowerment
JEL code: J

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