• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics

Unity is Strength: Co-Creating Value in Working Context

Orlando Troisi, Luca Carrubbo, Gennaro Maione, Carlo Torre
(University of Salerno, Italy)
Abstract: The paper attempts to foster a full awareness about the chance of co-creating value in working context, stressing the importance of the role played by the adoption of a collaborative style in sharing economy era. The article opens with a literature review on two different but very closely related phenomena, Value Co-Creation and Co-Working: the evolutionary stages of the former are described and, subsequently, the main features of the latter are analyzed in depth by using a qualitative approach and, more in detail, by administrating interviews to co-workers in order to highlight their idea about advantages and limits of co-working. In the attempt to offer some insights for future researches on the topic of co-working, the paper also tries to pave the way to further discussions about new forms of employment potentially arising in coming years to better respond to increasingly rapid changes characterizing the labour market.
Key words: value co-creation; co-working; collaborative style; resource sharing
JEL code: O140

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