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Schemes to Strengthen the Regional Governance of Employment Services

Su-Won Kim, Ga-Yun Kim
(Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education & Training, Korea)
Abstract: This study has looked into theoretical backgrounds on current status and problems of employment service system in Korea, and governance system for a solution, and has suggested strategic methods to establish governance system for efficiency of regional employment service. The employment services in Korea are that the regional based is vulnerable and the service level is low. In particular, The employment support services in the local governments are being made around the vulnerable groups, for example, the elderly, the disabled, the head woman of household etc.. The employment rate of the job seekers in 2012 was 44.9% level and was mostly the simple labor jobs. The private employment agency has also carried out the relevant work of the government and the local governments around the region vulnerable. Some of the local governments, for example, Seoul City, Gyeonggi Province, and Incheon City operate job centers separately and support for the employment support services through outsourcing. But it was the lack of linkages with the central government (Ministry of Labor) and the regional differentiation was also not great. Most of the local governments are a limit to leverage expertise because the concurrent position of one or two civil servants, the use of private contractors and public works, and so on. It is required the effective network deployment that is based on the area to solve this problem. It needs to build a network of community-based structures so that the local residents can be provided the integrated services of employment and welfare in the community. The similar organizations of public and private sector within the area are sharing the policy information and services to each other, and are needed to share the roles and the responsibilities for each function and to strengthen closely the cooperation taking into account the flow of the subjects and services.
Key words: employment service; regional governance; governance policy
JEL code: H75

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