• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics

Integrating the GOMS Model and the Intelligence Cycle

Daniel Adrian Doss1, Russ Henley1, Balakrishna Gokaraju1, David McElreath2, Feng He3
(1. University of West Alabama, USA; 2. University of Mississippi, USA; 3. University of Central Arkansas, USA)
Abstract: This paper considers the Goals, Operators, Methods, and Selection (GOMS) model of tasking within the context of the intelligence cycle. Integrating these concepts may provide a foundation for better understanding the actions that occur within the individual stages of the intelligence cycle. Given these notions, four perspectives are considered: (1) intelligence producers, (2) intelligence consumers, (3) the virtual environment, and (4) the intelligence cycle. This paper provides conclusions and recommendations for research involving the integrating of the GOMS model with variants of the intelligence cycle among government and commercial settings. Practical use and value may be found among many fields, ranging from business analytics to homeland security.
Key words: business analytics, GOMS, intelligence analysis, intelligence cycle, homeland security
JEL codes: M10, L89, Y80

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