• ISSN: 2155-7950
  • Journal of Business and Economics

Generational Succession and Entrepreneurial Attitude in the Family

Business in Baja California


Salgado Patiño Lisette, Sumaya Tostado Rosa
(Cetys Universidad, Mexico)
Abstract: This research propounds the characteristics of the development of a generational succession in a family business in Baja California, Mexico, with their permanence problems in a highly competitive market and their entrepreneurial attitude towards them, reporting the results of a case study. Semi-structured interviews were conducted to the starting entrepreneur, successors and administrative staff throughout this investigation. The results reveal that at the moment of starting a business, a succession plan that allows the permanence of it and its growth isn’t considered; so in this work, it is recommended to involve successors in the administrative proceedings before the succession time, taking in consideration the participation of externals in the design and implementation of strategies that strengthen the project.
Key words: generational succession; entrepreneurship; family business
JEL code: M1

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