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  • Journal of Business and Economics

Job Satisfaction of Korean Local Managers (KLM) in Relation to Their

Level of Czech Communication Skills

Min Woo Park
(Department of Business Administration and Management, Faculty of Economics,
The University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic)
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to study examine the causal correlation between Czech communication skills in Korean local managers (KLM) and their level of job satisfaction. The cultural differences between Korea and the Czech Republic according to Hofstede were used in this study as well as the communication differences according to Edward Hall. In order to verify the hypothesis based on the research model, a survey among 75% of all Korean local managers who work in Korean companies in the Czech Republic was carried out. According to the results of survey, it can be said that level of job satisfaction and the Czech communication skills of KLM are in direct proportion, within the private sector. In the present study the dimensions of job satisfaction of KLM consists of six facets: work itself, pay, promotion, relations with expatriates, relations with coworkers, and relations with subordinates. The Czech communication skills of KLM can be divided into two groups — one being high communication skills and the other low communication skills. High communication skills mean that the employee can communicate in Czech fully or fairly competently in any given situation. Low communication skills mean that employee cannot communicate in Czech at all or only on a very basic level. The study suggests how to manage human resources in order to increase job satisfaction, to increase communication skills and to create a more harmonious global company culture.
Key words: Czech Republic; South Korea; company culture; culture management; job satisfaction; Czech
communication skills
JEL codes: M120, M14, M16

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